Digital Revolution

Our Digital Printing capability has been significantly enhanced following our investment in the “Worlds First” Large Format, Single Pass, Industrial Aqueous Ink Jet (1345mm x3000mm), No U.V. which is 10 times faster than traditional Digital and 10 years in the making…

Short production runs, print versioning, personalisation, fast product and promotional launches are now all possible to plan and print within DAYS, indeed the only limitation you have is what you can imagine

Our clients enjoy a major advantage and savings on in-store corrugated promotional merchandising units and stands, new product launches or relaunches and ultra fast promotional activity, even in different languages from European through all the Middle East dialects to the Far East…

Our e-commerce clients are growing their market share via personalisation, print versioning and advertising, made possible by our Worlds First Digital Ink Jet – Near Flexographic speed with Digital benefits…

We can print directly onto brown, matt white and coated board to challenge Litho-Lamination and the best Flexographic print solutions, without plate costs…

Short print runs coupled with our Just In Time delivery process means that our clients only receive the quantities they require avoiding warehouses full of unused stock to achieve price points, creating in some cases, enormous savings both financially and in waste/recycling…

  • Zero Origination – No Plate costs
  • Micro set up times, plus all jobs can be recreated and repeated exactly
  • Ideal for short runs, quick promotional activity, product launches and relaunches, e-commerce personalisation
  • Low lead times – High speed to market
  • HQPP print quality, food safe aqueous inks, ability to print on carton board up to double wall and coated, 100% recyclable, NO U.V.
  • Print widths of 1345mm x 3000mm
  • Print versioning, personalisation and any language
  • Traditional analogue sizes with Digital benefits
  • Contract packages available